Tanning FAQ

Should I wear protective eye wear? 
Yes. It's very important to us that your tanning experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Elite Tanning requires its customers to use approved eye protection in our salons, to prevent future vision problems that can be caused by UV exposure.
Shoud I use lotion?
 Yes. Our lotions have been created especially for use in our indoor tanning booths and will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.  Healthy skin will tan more easily and hold on to that beautiful tan longer. 
What is a photosensitizing medication?
Some medications cause your skin to be especially sensitive to UV light.  If you are taking any prescription medications, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to tan.  Check out our list of some common photosensitizing medications.  If it is not safe for you to tan, our UV-free Instant Tan, powered by Mystic, is a great alternative 
How often do I need to tan in order to maintain my tan?
The number of times you need to tan to maintain your color depends on the equipment that you tan in, the lotion you use, and how well your skin tans. The average person usually tans 2-3 times per week to maintain their color. 
What causes white spots?
Tinea Versicolor, a skin condition that affects tanners, is caused by a microscopic fungus from the scalp. This fungus falls onto arms, shoulders, and other body parts and leaves bleached areas on the skin, which can spread. It is treatable and must be protected from further ultraviolet light exposure until those bleached areas have begun developing melanin again.
Can indoor tanning equipment be used to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis?
The F.D.A. and Federal Trade Commission forbid making representations regarding the benefits of indoor tanning other than its cosmetic effect. Therefore, one may not make medical claims about indoor tanning equipment. However, phototherapy (U.V. light treatment) can be used to ease the symptoms of psoriasis. The treatment is rendered by a trained physician with equipment specifically designed for such a purpose.
Can tanning cause wrinkles?
Excessive exposure can destroy the resilient fibers of the lower skin layer, thereby causing the top layer of skin to sag. Thus, elastosis or wrinkling appears. If UV light is not blocked by pigmentation in the outer skin layer, it can penetrate to the dermis and destroy skin elasticity. Thus, it is advised to avoid overexposure to ultraviolet light.
What if  im pregnant  can I tan indoors?
Tanning indoors while pregnant is not advised at Elite tanning. Although we do not advise pregnant women to tan,Elite tanning advise you to get medical advice from your doctor.