Tanning Equipment
Sporterrado Tanning Equipment! 

The Holiday 45  Level 1 
is a compact, easy to operate bed with 32 "high output" reflector lamps and 2 intense facial tanners you receive incredible tanning results. This tanning unit will provide you with the most "Dramatic Tan" in its class! 

The Silver Star Level 2
is a medium size tanning bed with 36 "high output" reflector lamps and 3 intense facial tanners that delivers a "Deep Dark Tan". This magnificent tanning unit comes equipped with an adjustable ventilation system designed to keep customers cool from head to toe. 

The Blue Moon  Level 3
offers an elegant design and 44 powerful "high output" reflector lamps and 4 intense facial tanners. This lamp configuration delivers an extraordinary tan resulting in a "Deeper Darker Longer Lasting Tan". The easy open canopy allows for easy access in and out of the tanning unit and ensures an even tan. These features combined with the state of the art ventilation system, and a 12 minute session.


The Vega Lux  Level 2 & 3
luxurious design combines the power from the 48 "high output" reflector lamps with the ultimate cooling system to deliver an unforgettable even bronze tan. This unit is perfect for using anytime or to remove your tan lines. The AM/FM CD player makes the maximum 10 minute tanning time fly by in a blink of an eye. 

The Extasy  Level 4
is the perfect combination of high pressure and low pressure tanning resulting in a tan that is incomparable to any other tanning bed - ever! The canopy's electric lift allows for easy access in and out of the tanning unit and ensures an even tan. The large comfortable tanning surface, the multilevel cooling system, and a 15 minute session.

Mystic Tan® With level 3 & 4 
Tanning Myst choices include ClearMyst® and BronzMyst® in our Original with and Premium formulas  

The Hydration Station  Level 4 
is a spa like capsule & the first revolutionary system that provides the skin with warm, topical, soothing moisture.

Serenity   Level 4

Rejuvenesse skin therapy Lamps 
Through its natural promotion of collagen and elastin, red light  will help give you back and maintain that youthful glow about your skin.

This bed treats your entire body, not just your face. 
—smoothing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles
—aiding in uneven skin tones
—helps in the fight against acne
—helps promote the healing of damaged skin

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